The Cone of Shame

Today I’m thankful for traffic cones.

My employer moved locations.  They’re leasing the building we currently occupy.  There aren’t enough parking spots for every employee so a number of people come in early trying to beat the rush.

I did the same one day.  While pulling in I saw a traffic cone blocking the empty spot nearest the disabled (badge) slots.  Our landlord’s name was stenciled on the cone.  As I removed my key from the ignition a large white luxury car pulled up next to the blocked spot.  I recognized the driver as she got out of her car.  It was the landlord’s administrative staffer.  She saw me watching, smiled, grabbed the cone and put it in her car, and pulled into the best unsigned spot in the lot.

I told my colleagues, who promptly suggested we each make our own cones to “officially” claim good spots.  We haven’t done so, but I also have yet to see the original cone make a repeat performance.  If I had I think the rest of the lot would suddenly sprout matching orange “fruit.”

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