When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Great Pizza Pie, That’s Amore

Today I’m thankful for vegan pizza.

Before thinking this sounds silly, imagine that you can’t ever again eat your favorite food.  Whatever the reason is, you can’t have any.  Ever.  I can’t eat any form of dairy.  I get very ill.  I miss pizza.  Pizza, being covered in cheese, dwells in the forbidden zone.  I sometimes imagine the savory, salty taste of dough covered in tomato sauce and cheese, and grumble, just a little.  Any toppings, except fish or mushrooms.  Even the heartburn after, knowing I’d thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I tried a few versions of making one myself, but I have no love for cooking and the result was consistently disappointing.  Consider then the actual joy I felt upon discovering my market carries multiple brands of vegan pizza.  I had choices!  Once every few weeks I’ll buy one, bring it home and bake it.  I’ll eat the whole damn thing.  They aren’t particularly large, and I’m very careful not to do so often.  The rest of my diet is disgustingly healthy.  It isn’t exactly the same as I remember, but my memory is probably idealized anyway.  It is similar enough, and tastes quite good in its own right.  I don’t have to live a pizza-free life anymore.

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Still Blooming


Today I’m thankful for my rose bush.

The mushrooms appear to have been routed.  Even if some occasional spores pop up I will claim victory.  The silly thing is still blooming.  I figure it has to get tired sometime.  I can’t prune the rose canes until it calms down.  We’ll see how long that takes.  I bought it at my mother’s suggestion.  I’m glad I did.  Thanks Mom.

Death To Mushrooms

Today I’m thankful for fungicide.

I started gardening to help pollinators.  I don’t if it has technically been “organic” but I haven’t used any pesticides on my plants.  I’ve accepted a certain amount of bugs and damage because it was important to me.

I didn’t plan on mushrooms.  They’re especially bad in my rosebush.  I hate mushrooms.  I’ve been using a people- and pet-safe fungicide on the soil in an effort to get rid of them.  I can handle insects but the fungus will be hunted mercilessly.

Here are some pictures I took of other pretty flowers as mine are not photo ready at the moment.