Molehills Into Mountains, And Then Back Again

Today I’m grateful for minor gripes.

I’m not generally confessional but for once this seems the best forum.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of resentment of late.  I’m a serious person by nature and lean cynical.  This really isn’t helping.  The source is a very minor part of my life and I’ve let it grow disproportionately.  The fact that I know I’m being an ungrateful turd doesn’t help me reach any resolution because I then feel guilty about having the thoughts in the first place.

I’ve got an engineer’s mind, so I’m trying to break it down and troubleshoot the issue.  I don’t know if that’s appropriate terminology for emotions but it is accurate.  It’s a tiny thing and will recess soon so I don’t even have time to gripe about it.  I’m grateful that I recognize when I’m being silly and can do something about it.

For Love Of A “Sport” Sedan

Today I’m thankful for my car.

I abhor road trips.  I really can’t drive more than six hours at a time.  I get stiff and my knee locks up.  I drive fast to get them over and done with.  Honestly, probably too fast.

My car is old, but it still runs pretty well and it goes fast.  On a trip I settle in, get up to traffic flow speed, and hope that the short in the electrical system won’t make the dash lights flicker more than usual.  I’d wager that my car has a history.  I’ve had other vehicles with personality – one blew carbon monoxide back into the cabin and the wipers engaged when I turned left.  It was a shaking death trap.  My mother actually apologize for making me drive it.  My current car gets me where I want to go quickly and in relative comfort.