No Room Here

This post will be unabashedly maudlin.  I apologise in advance.

The situation at work is challenging.  I love what I do, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed where I work.  Now I feel as if I’m on tenterhooks, wondering whether my boss’s boss’s boss really won’t meet my eye or if it’s simple paranoia.  Not everything is negative.  I’m pursuing several leads in the same city where my family is and I’m hopeful.  I’m looking at the situation as a chance to be proactive, and “git gone” before they have the chance to do it for me.  As an individual I’ve never dealt well with change.  Adaptability to change is the root of survival so I guess it’s forcing me to evolve, even if reluctantly so.

Here’s the maudlin.  I’ve taken my working motto from the chorus of this song as it’s succinct and unmistakable:  Fear, you will never be welcome here.

I do not own this song or video.  All rights to the copyright holders.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today I’m thankful for storm sewers.

I get spooked when it rains hard and long enough for the streets to back up with water.  I’ve lost one vehicle to a flood.  Another was repairable but the costs were high and the car always smelled like fish.

It’s still dark when I leave for work.  We had a recent gully washer.  Between the darkness and sheets of rain I was not happy.  I just wanted to get to work.  The city recently upgraded the storm sewer system and for once, the streets didn’t flood!