A Farewell To Cheese

It’s probably privileged, but today I’m thankful I have such a variety of meatless foods to enjoy.

I’ve mentioned I suffered an autoimmune issue around Christmas.  One of the things I learned as a result is that I’m allergic to some dairy products.  I’d happily consumed them to that point without any issues.  Now, I break out into hives (urticaria) and my throat swells.  I guess that life is always change.  I miss cheese very much.

I’ve been meatless for almost a year, for health and ethical reasons.  Given the new dairy issue I’m seriously considering veganism.  I’m fortunate that it’s simpler than it’s really ever been.  I’m not limited to sad “cheese” and wooden biscuits.  I’ve had a cheesecake for my birthday since I was five.  If I can’t have that anymore I damn well need to find a tasty alternative.  The search is on!


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Herding Cats And Small Children

Today I’m grateful for the boundless energy of little kids, and hope to claim some for my own use.

Small Human’s birthday party was today.  They turned three last week.  I was at the house with 7 of my family members, 5 members of a friend’s family, 7 other three year olds, AND their mothers.  Three is a generally fun age, and all of the small ones were genuinely well behaved but it was still a lot of action, everywhere, all the time.  I think “sensory overload” is an applicable term.  I spent a lot of it discussing dinosaurs with a 5 year old who wants to be a paleontologist.  He could do well.

My extended family left after the party.  I ate with those who remained afterward.  Small Human was in a funny mood and was highly entertaining through the meal.  We had an enjoyable time.  I’m worn out – chasing little people is hard work!