Musky Business

Today I’m thankful for foxes.

I grew up in a city of about 250,000.  It’s mid-sized, as far as such things go.  Robins and jays were the biggest creatures I saw regularly.  My grandparents had a farm about an hour away.  We saw deer and hawks, and the occasional goldfinch, but not much of any size.

I left home for university.  I moved to a smaller city for work after graduating, with a population of about 60,000 people.  It was here that I saw my first wild fox.  I was going to work on a fall morning and saw a fox climb out of a sewer grate and simply trot along the street.  I didn’t see any kits.  It was late enough in the season that the sun wasn’t fully up.  I looked again, to verify what I was actually seeing.  I told my colleagues about the encounter.  Apparently it is a somewhat common occurrence here.

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