I Come From The Land Of Ice And Snow

Today I’m thankful for Reykjavik.

I spent four days in Reykjavik in 2014.  Icelandair ran a wildly inexpensive promotion.  I’d planned to travel on my own but as soon as I told my mother she asked to come along.  She is a great traveling companion so I really didn’t mind.  She broke her fibula about four weeks before our travel date.  The woman is made of stern enough stuff that she still came, fracture and all!

Iceland doesn’t feel entirely real.  It’s difficult to describe.  There are very few trees.  The city of Reykjavik is spotless.  Most of the buildings are clad in metal against the climate, but they are painted numerous cheerful colors.  I felt like I was in a well designed saga whichever direction I turned.  The people were reserved but very helpful.  My hair was almost sparkly after being washed because the city water is from actual glaciers and hot springs.  Even the snow was picturesque.  It was an special trip.

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