Zoom Zoom

Today I’m thankful for motorcycles.

I’ve been around bikes since I was 8.  My granddad had an old rangy cruiser and he would sometimes take me for short, slow rides around the property.  My father eventually bought it from Granddad.  Later he traded it in for a bigger, louder cruiser with cushier seats and a larger engine.  Being on the back of a motorbike is a singular experience.  Risking sounding trite, it is you, and the wind, and the engine, and nothing else.

I learned to ride a few years ago.  I don’t currently have a bike.  Not having a garage limits my options.  I’ve wanted a Triumph for a long time.  A friend had one and the old beast was tough enough that he’d just whack it with a wrench to fix it.


Image from TopSpeed Motorcycles – all rights belong to them

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